As part of health book support in sleep track I need to provide a privacy policy. Thankfully I do not collect any user information.

This is the current privacy policy for monal and sleep track (permanent location :  )

What apps collect what info and how it is used?

Monal does not collect any user info of any variety. The only network connections that are opened are to the user’s servers with whatever level of security the server uses that Monal also supports (up to TLS 1.2).

Sleeptrack only collects basic user metric info (OS version, device capability etc) in an anonymous fashion. Ads served in sleep track use the iOS id for advertising.  When there is a crash an  anonymous crash log may be sent back for debugging. This only contains device technical info to help identify the crash.  No user personal data is included. User sleep data is only transmitted to run keeper when the user has chosen to connect to run keeper.  I do not collect and have no intention of ever collecting any user’s sleep or other health related data that may be entered in health book. No sleep related data is provided to any other third party.