I have added support for aesgcm:// links on both iOS and Mac clients. There is still a bit of optimization to be done but it should be in the next client releases. It appears that the documentation for this functionality is wrong which made things a little tricky. It turns out the IV is 16 bytes and not 12 as it is written. Additionally unlike what the xep says, OMEMO uses GCM 128 and this uses GCM 256 and has a different key length.

4 thoughts on “AESGCM:// links”

  1. Hey anu!
    Thanks for your work on aesgcm integration.
    However, in the current testflight beta, sending omemo messages to contacts no longer works. The messages don’t seem to get properly encrypted. Conversations doesn’t show the message at all, Gajim displays the ” [This message is OMEMO encrypted]” message body. Receiving omemo messages and pictures (aesgcm links) is working as expected.
    Deleting and re-adding the account doesn’t help.
    Thanks for looking into this!

  2. The app doesn’t work on me anymore. Unfortunately I uninstalled it. I am sorry. I’ll try it again when more work is done on it.

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