I am hoping for a quick turnaround for 2.0.8 that includes many of the features cut in 2.0.7 as well as bug fixes. Here is the current changelog:

1. fixes issue with navigation buttons in contact list
2. correctly sets away status on contacts
3. option to sort online contacts by status
4. set the priority based on presence

2 thoughts on “2.0.8 development”

  1. Hello Anurodh!

    An excellent release!

    We were in correspondence about 2 years ago, I’m so glad that you keep updating your software.

    Do you have plans to add Off-the-Record encryption (libotr) ? Would be awesome.

    I tried “ChatSecure” from App Store, but comparing to Monal, its clumsy and buggy.

    Have a great day ahead!

    1. Hi, thanks. I do plan on adding it eventually. The main hurdle is sorting out the licence it requires. Since libotr seems to be LGPL, adding it to an app store app (statically bound) will force the GPL on the entire application.

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