2.0.6 is almost done. I am currently bug testing. Barring any major bugs it should be out in before x-mas.  Still no jingle. That will be a huge update, probably Monal 2.1

2.0.6 changelog

This is a major update that adds many features and fixes significant bugs.

1. fixed bug where close all chats closed even when clicking no
2. Added ability to swipe between active chat windows (issue #15)
3. tapping on a sliding message notification will take you to the conversation
4. keyboard correctly resets from symbols after sending a message
5. Chatlog is now organized by day instead of a large flat list
6. Changed icon set to support retina display
7. improved compatibility with old style SSL
8. tested to work with Oracle Beehive servers
9. Fixed bug with SASL authentication
10. Resolved ios5 issues with SSL
11. Fixed problems connecting to cisco webex servers
12. Shows own full name properly when in chat window
13. Fixed xmpp bug with iq query on vcard request (issue #55)
14. Added a cancel button below progress indicator to cancel a login attempt. (issue #26)
15. enabled Gtalk connections on 443