2.0.5 development branch has been frozen. I am currently testing for  release.  This version does not have jingle voice chat. I hope to have it working properly in the 2.0.6 release. Im pushing this out since I missed my September release deadline for 2.0.5

2.0.5 changelog

This is an update that fixes bugs and adds features.

1. iOS5 compatible (fixes crashes)
2. Uses standard iphone notification sound and vibrations.
3. Fixed bug where sounds didnt play
4. Uses device/switch settings. Removed vibration options in Monal settings since they are redundant
5. Correctly detects https links in chats
6. Added feature to not save the password and request it on every login for additional security.
7. improved xmpp capabilities support (xep-0115)
8. in chat view, will show the full date if the message came on another day
9.Added expanding text view like in messages app.
10. chat log can use the full screen to display messages (removed grey box at bottom)

7 thoughts on “2.0.5 coming”

  1. Hi,

    We look forward to version 2.0.5. This is the best XMPP client I found, mainly because it does not go through third-party servers.

    Let me make a suggestion, when the client is connected by a secure connection, show a lock to make that clear.

    Thank you for the work


  2. Once updated there is no way to get the older version. Im not sure why this wouldnt work, since i havent changed the login code. Is this a public server I can test?

  3. I had no problems with our server at all. Try to delete the account from monal and add it completely new. Helps most of the time if something went wrong while updating

  4. I have deleted the whole app and install,it again with no luck. It’s unfortunate that I can install the previous version

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