Monal 5.0 RC2 ready

We fixed some bugs in this second release candidate: fixed background image bug fixed wrong message direction displayed for some incoming messages in non-anon mucs fixed reconnect-all button in logs settings fixed changing of roster names of contact via contact details

Monal 5.0 RC1 ready

We are pleased to announce that we just published a new beta build (746) of Monal 5.0 (iOS and macOS) If nothing big happens, this will be the last beta build of Monal 5.0 and we’ll finally see the release of Monal 5.0 stable next week!

Translations reworked

We did a reconfiguration of our translation infrastructure, allowing translations to automatically reach the alpha build and eventually the beta and stable builds as well. The display of missing translations and the translated percent displayed in weblate is more accurate now, too. Please check your translations if some strings are Continue Reading