iOS Share Sheets

Current work in progress share sheet

I have found the lack of a share sheet  in iOS and OSX limits how much I use Monal.  A lot of what I send in chats are links. I suspect that is the case for a lot of other people too. To address that, I’ve added a share sheet to the iOS client. This code should work on OSX too.  Doesn’t quite work yet but when it’s done, will work the way you expect it to. 

Monal OSX 2.2 With OMEMO (ALPHA)

This is a very early version of the Mac client with OMEMO. This is definitely not meant for general use.  I am really putting this out here because I’ve tested with Gajim, Chatsecure and Conversations and I’m curious to see where things break as more use it.  When I say alpha here, I mean it.  Download here

The UI is minimal and as a result everything is trusted. There is no UI to inspect/approve/revoke keys yet.  To use this, select a recipient, click the text input then click the lock icon on the toolbar (there isn’t any feedback other than the lock closing) and send some messages. You should see locks on the icons of the messages you send. This is really intended for testing, so you will have to re-enable sending with OMEMO when you go to another thread and back. It can receive OMEMO messages and will automatically show a lock next to them as well.


Monal has OMEMO

OMEMO conversations work in Monal. There is still a lot work to be done here to properly handle keys and make UI elements in OSX and iOS for all the the new interactions.  There is a lot that also needs to be tested before this is in ready for the App Store. Realistically, expect to start seeing this stuff in the binaries I release some point in  August.

I have tested this with gajim on linux and chat secure on iOS. Will have dust off an android device somewhere to try it with Conversations.

Update on OMEMO

I have an update on the status of OMEMO in Monal. I’ve completed my spike  and have a very rough implementation working. I am able to communicate with Gajim and Chatsecure.  I am actually using a lot of  the same OMEMO code as Chatsecure using Chris’ cocoapods.  The shared code base should reduce duplicated effort and ensure compatibility on the two main Apple platform clients going forward.

The current code isn’t anywhere near production but once I clean it up more, you should start seeing it as an option to turn on in Mac betas in the next month or so.  Below you can see my interactions with Gajim and Chatsecure. 

iOS 3.0.2 and OSX 2.1.2 betas out

I am still cleaning up all of the issues people have seen (and some old friends) in the latest releases. There are new betas out.  I will looking for feedback and crash reports. I hope to have the next updates out this week.   I know it has been almost weekly releases since the 3.0 release. Hoping to slow down to a more manageable  release cycle after the code is more stable.

iOS 3.0.1 Released, How is Push?

The patch release is out.  Search is restored and stability should be better.

While I am asking, how has push been in the latest clients? I have seen thousands of devices registered but I haven’t gotten a ton of feedback on how it has worked.

If you don’t have it working yet, you need an XEP-0357 module on your server.

Prosody: Cloud notify  

Ejabberd: mod push 

Tigase: Push Component

Openfire: Does not support  XEP-0357  push notifications

Mongoose IM: mod_event_pusher_push