And We are Done

I have posted what I hope are the final beta for the next iOS client the Mac one will come soon afterwards. These will be what I plan to ship to the App Store barring any serious bugs. This will be my first production release of OMEMO. I have tried to debug this quite a bit over the past few months. Theres still a lot to do but as usual I would prefer to do more frequent releases rather than large ones. I am sure as more people use these new clients there will be more bugs and I will fix them in weekly releases in Feb.

New Mac Beta

We are on our 13th beta. It has been a lot of iteration and improvement (thank you for helping test) and we are marching towards a good release. There are a couple of more issues I want to address and then we are going to ship this off to the App Store. I am eager to have a reasonably stable, modern XMPP client with OMEMO available on the Mac. It has been too long.

Icons and Art

I am an engineer not an UI/UX designer. I dabble in those things and sometimes have an idea of what is good and bad from past experience but it is certainly not my strength. You can see that in the evolution of Monal over the past decade. We are always presented with a need to balance user friendliness with lots of options. I have rarely seen anything get the balance right. Oddly artwork has always been one of the hardest things to deal with.

Icons are super important. I started off using icons from KDE and later bought Glyphish, which I have been using since iOS 5 or so. I recently discovered Icon Deposit, where a lot of things I would have killed for in the past are available for free with attribution. It is the open source model applied to artwork. This is something I would recommend other developers checkout. Are there other resources like this? I haven’t paid attention to it in ages.

OMEMO device synch

There are new betas of the Mac and iOS clients up. I have tried to address issues with synching between your own devices. If you see and error instead of the message on synching, send a few messages back and forth. If it doesnt work for you, I recommend readding your account in Monal. This will create a new device in OMEMO, so you will need everything you contact to trust the new device. This should generally happen automatically with most apps.