What on earth is iPhoneOSNano?

I was looking at the XNU source code today (don’t ask) and stumbled upon this line in a particular file (https://github.com/apple/darwin-xnu/blob/0a798f6738bc1db01281fc08ae024145e84df927/libsyscall/Libsyscall.xcconfig) SUPPORTED_PLATFORMS = macosx iphoneos iphoneosnano tvos appletvos watchos bridgeos I can tell you what all of those are including the new Bridge OS that powers the Arm chips on Continue Reading

New Mac beta up

There is a new beta of the Mac client with all of the recent  fixes and addition of group messaging.  I know there are still a few issues, for example it doesn’t save the password for auto joining a bookmarked group. Im curious to see what other issues people encounter. Continue Reading

The new group chat UI

I’m getting closer to the UI that I would like for group chats. It might not be the greatest thing for power users but I suspect it will work well for most people. Especially those familiar with iMessage or other chat clients already.   Things to note in the picture Continue Reading

Mac has group chat

The Mac client has always had group chat but didn’t have a UI surfacing the functionality. I am adding that now.  I know favorites and auto join have long been asked for. I hope to have that in the iOS client as well. 

Jingle all the way

I’ve revisited of the jingle code that appears to have broken in the last couple of years. While I was at it I added jingle support to the Mac for audio calls.  I still need to write the audio code for OSX but the signaling component is all exactly the Continue Reading