Direct Client

Monal connects directly to the IM server. There is no middle man to record credentials or conversations.


Old style SSL and new start TLS support provides the option to use encryption to protect conversations from eavesdroppers.

Stays Open

After logging in, Monal will keep running in the background and stay open until you decide to close it.


The XMPP standard allows Monal to connect to a wide variety of servers. It will work with everything from Google talk and Facebook to corporate systems like Cisco WebEx and Openfire.

Group Chat

Monal supports joining XMPP MUC group chats. Group chats are almost seamless and look and work just like a normal one.

VPN Support

Monal will work with iOS VPN allowing connections even to corporate servers that aren't accessible on the internet.

No Junk

As a matter of principle, Monal has no ads and no tracking software and never will.

Jingle VOIP

Standard Jingle support allows voice over IP conversations with Monal and other XMPP clients.

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