The Empty State

We have all had this happen. You login to a new app and then are presented with a blank screen and no idea  what to do. The next step is usually to uninstall the app.  It’s not something I gave much thought to in Monal the past decade because I made certain assumptions about the people using the app.  In particular, I assumed that someone who installed something called “an XMPP client” would know their way around a new app that used familiar terminology from the desktop XMPP clients of yore.  This thought process was also a reason why I never had welcome screens.  In the interest of making things easier I’ve decided to add an easy welcome screen and some empty state screens.  There isn’t a lot of value here for the technically inclined but for many others uses what is otherwise dead space as a place to educate and possibly delight.

Some of the new empty state screens are below. 

App Nap in OSX

There was a bug that came up recently about Monal disconnecting in Mojave when backgrounded which really confused me.  It seems a feature added to OSX in Mavericks called App Nap that suspends apps to save battery life might be the culprit.  I am putting out a new Mac beta today Bonus: With improved dark mode support, better dark mode correct fonts and icons. 

iOS 3.1 Beta Available

I have made the latest iOS Beta available to the public.  This link is also permanently on the left of this site.  This is a beta so you will see debugging messages as well as a debug log at the bottom of settings titled ‘Log’  this will let you view everything the app is doing.  If you encounter any issues feel free to look there and send me the last few lines (make sure not to send anything involving authentication)

Planning the next releases

It’s been a while since the last release. I am planning out what will be in the next Mac and iOS clients.   I was hoping to have OEMEO but it hasn’t been sufficiently  tested yet, so I am turning it off until the following release.   I will have an open beta for iOS 3.1 soon. This will be a GDPR update  but along with it comes the new rich links, a more compressed chat ui as well as the share sheet.  Mac clients will see the Mojave dark mode and a share sheet.