How to see what processes are running without jailbreak

Ordinarily on any other unix you would open up a terminal and type ps aux to see a list of all processes running. On a Mac you can go to activity monitor and see a similar list. I imagine on a jailbroken iOS device you could also ssh in and type ps aux.  Amusing enough, Apple has provided a way for developers to view what process is running on their phone.  While the iOS device is plugged in,  in the instruments app that comes with Xcode, create a new profiler with any one of the options. Then select your device from the top to have it show every single process running on iOS.  Nifty. Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 9.29.36 AM

IOS7 and MUC

I’ve been putting a lot of work into fixing all sorts of  bugs that came in with iOS7. As beta testers may know I am working on updating the UI so it fits the new OS better. I am also fixing bugs that were in the MUC implementation and unlocking multi account support.  Here is tonight’s screenshot set showing all three things. iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 6, 2013, 7.09.51 PM

iOS Simulator Screen shot Oct 6, 2013, 7.09.42 PM



Ales & Lagers for iOS

UPDATE: on the request of beer advocate, I have not released this app.


In addition to fitness another interest of mine is beer. I can be a bit of a beer snob with a preference for a good Belgian — on an unrelated note I should really meet Monal users when I go to Europe next time.  Anyway,  I like beer and I like Unfortunately they don’t have an app or a very mobile friendly website so I’ve made a little app that lets you search quickly through their site using Google.  Usually typing the first three letters of a beer name gets you to the right beer. Much faster.

The app, Ales & Lagers will be available  in about a week.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 7.40.00 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 10.24.58 PM


Monal is out.  It is propagating through all of the stores  and might not show up in searches yet, but you can get it here:

I  believe I have fixed both of the major iOS6 related bugs that forced me to decide  pull 2.0.8 and from the store at the last minute.   Sorry for the trouble.  Considering how many people around the world are dependent on Monal for business and personal use on a daily basis, I honestly could not release them  and  thought it would be better to have nothing at all available  than something unreliable.  Thank you for your patience.