A first take at this screen. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible. Establishing the circle of trust is important in cryptography and is one thing OMEMO does not actually address. While you should verify identities, how does someone do it? A simple way it to look at the strings side by side. Ideally this is something that can be done with a QR code to eliminate the manual process.

2 thoughts on “Trusting Keys”

  1. Conversations uses QR codes, and it may be good to keep them compatible. The format it uses is: xmpp:user@host?omemo-sid-$sid=a10… ($fingerprint)

    Apparently others use it as well, eg gajim: https://github.com/omemo/gajim-omemo/issues/146 (and from my testing, Conversations doesn’t use Aztec code anymore, unlike what that discussion states)

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