Set up a new prosody server at today. The DNS is still propagating but it should be up everywhere soon.  SSL certs via lets encrypt. If want to add me, I am .  This doubles as the push server right now as well, where I hope to test APNS.

4 thoughts on “Testing a new server”

  1. Hello
    I just downloaded this app for MAC and very nicely design which is very simple UI. I’m using this app for my day to day use but have one small suggestion if you have any enhancement plan please try to include the Chat Room which is created on Hangout that chat room should appear on Monal so much more easier too those who are using at work or institutes.

    1. hangouts does odd things. it used to work, its likely something has changed since I last looked at it. I’ll check.

  2. I downloaded the latest version onto my iPhone and iPad but it is unable to connect to any account on my openfire server. What’s even lamer is that it doesn’t throw an error message – it just quietly remains disconnected.

    1. Hi you are right. The current version is not very good about showing errors. The update I am currently working on has much better error surfacing that should make this a thing of the past (hopefully) . that said, places where there are commonly errors that you may want to look at :
      1. SSL cert is not valid/trusted (you can force it to use untrusted SSL in the account settings)
      2. It actually does not use SSL (also an option in account settings)

      Sorry that it doesn’t show what the issue is at the moment so its a bit of poking in the dark. I hope to have that fixed. Thanks for the feedback.

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