As I’ve mentioned in the past, a focus of Monal development going forward is going to be improving the UI/UX. I have been thoroughly modernizing many components of the app that have been largely untouched for years. Notifications and image handling is one of them. This is how I added the aesgcm: encrypted link support as well as grouped notifications. Building on that, I have updated notifications to show a preview of the image (which is transparently decrypted in the background) as well as showing the senders name instead of the JID.

2 thoughts on “Notification Names and Image Previews”

  1. Hi Anu,

    very good to see this progress!

    I would to suggest to also enable opt-out of screen preview of the message content. This will allow people to keep up their privacy.


  2. Yes, this is under display settings. I will make the toggle more obvious. In addition modern iOS devices will hide the preview until your face is detected.

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