Monal OS X 1.1 RC 1 (Beta 4) is out. This is the first release candidate . This should cleanly upgrade from prior betas other than 1 and 2 as well as prior production versions.

There are many improvements in this. Most of the changes focus on improving the UI and UX.  Things you will notice:

  1. A new Google authentication mechanism that supports two factor authentication.
  2. When a message fails to send,  indicate that and allow retry
  3. Active chats are sorted by message time. New messages will move contact to the top like iMessage.
  4. Conversations are not accidentally marked as read while the window is minimized
  5. CMD+F searches contacts again
  6. CMD 1 /2 let you swap between Contacts and Active Chat tabs
  7. CMD+0 brings up application window
  8. Added menu options for Add Contact and View Contact Details
  9. Removed unused menu items
  10. Fixed UI glitches on the initial UI