I updated Monal after the 2.9.2 release to work again in the background. It appears that Apple has not just deprecated but removed the VOIP socket that Monal has used since iOS4 to run in the background. For the time being I am going to build with the iOS 9 SDK and things will continue to work. However the point where that is not a valid option will arrive at some time. When that does happen Monal for iOS will move to using an APNS notification and the XMPP push mechanism.  Google talk will likely no longer work.

4 thoughts on “Monal and the iOS 10 SDK”

    1. It does not yet. I think the only one on iOS that does at the moment is chat secure. I’ll probably use the same work to add it to Monal the next time I have a bit of free time.

  1. Anu,

    I am still dropping connections on iPhone when running in background. Will stay connected for maybe 5 mins at most. iOS v9.3.5 and Monal 2.9.3

    1. Usually this is due to time outs on the server. Monal only sends a ping in the background at around every 10 min. If you have control over your server, can you increase your ping timeout?

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