Monal 2.9 for iOS is now available.

Latest Version in iOS App Store

7 thoughts on “Monal 2.9 for iOS Published in the App Store”

  1. Hello,

    I am looking into deploying Monal to 4 of my users )I have tried a few others but with the latest update, I am leaning towards Monal) but I have a couple questions:

    Would it be at all possible to have my groups be as they are set by the server? Currently I only see ‘Online’ and ‘Offline’ groups. I checked in the settings ‘Sort by Status’ but that made no difference.


    1. I do plan to add actual grouping by groups but at the moment there isn’t a way to show it.

  2. Hi Monal is really great app, but it lacks OTR comparing to others. Is there any plan to implement OTR? thx

    1. OMEMO or PGP is in my opinion the better way to encrypt today because of the useage of multiple devices

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