Monal 2.2 is currently testing. Hopefully will send to Apple in time for Christmas.  I have dropped support for  <iOS6. I noticed there weren’t any iOS5 users left.  This makes development easier for me too.  Monal 2.2 will be the december release, Monal 2.3 will be in January or February and will include iPhone 6+ landscape support as well as XEP-198. Neither made the cut for this release.


2.2 changelog

This is  update that  fixes bugs.

1. Added inidcator if message failed to send and retry buttons

2. Improved stability with numerous crash bug fixes.

3. Improved connectivity when moving between cells

4. Minimim supported version is iOS6

2 thoughts on “Monal 2.2”

  1. Hi Anur,

    Many thanks for a great app! The best on iOS!

    Would love to see file transfer or even image sharing to work.

    We are trying to use xmpp for group conversations over several different clients, devices and both iOS and android. And I have found that There aren’t currently any iOS clients that can send files or images.

    Astrachat claims to do it but can only do it to another astrachat client and not to other clients, like we need in our scenario.

    Not sure if it helps but this developer seems to have a new solution that maybe could help if he gets support;

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