Monal is out.  It is propagating through all of the stores  and might not show up in searches yet, but you can get it here:

I  believe I have fixed both of the major iOS6 related bugs that forced me to decide  pull 2.0.8 and from the store at the last minute.   Sorry for the trouble.  Considering how many people around the world are dependent on Monal for business and personal use on a daily basis, I honestly could not release them  and  thought it would be better to have nothing at all available  than something unreliable.  Thank you for your patience.

9 thoughts on “Monal”

  1. The app does not stay connected to the jabber server! After 5-10 minutes the account goes offline! Anything I need to do to make it work in background/stand by mode of the phone and still receive notifications? using it on iphone 4GS with iOS 6…

    1. you dont neeed to do anything, as long as you have a connection it should remain open. I am working on fixing the connection stability.

  2. I haven’t been able to use it on my iPhone for a couple of months. It either crashes straight out or gives me an error.

  3. I have an openfire server and 31 Spark clients on our network but can not seem to get Monal to show, send or receive any traffic on my iPad. What am I doing wrong?
    Please help!

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