Current work in progress share sheet

I have found the lack of a share sheet  in iOS and OSX limits how much I use Monal.  A lot of what I send in chats are links. I suspect that is the case for a lot of other people too. To address that, I’ve added a share sheet to the iOS client. This code should work on OSX too.  Doesn’t quite work yet but when it’s done, will work the way you expect it to. 

4 thoughts on “iOS Share Sheets”

  1. Hi there,

    First of all sorry for my bad english. Im trying to install the app with my iPhone but appears that its only available in the US app store. Can you fix it?

    Your other apps are available worldwide.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. It is available in every country that is not in the EU. The push service that Monal for iOS uses logs the user’s IP address and that is not GDPR compliant.

  2. I´m afraid it has something with GDPR to do. But I can´t realy see why. I need Monal to connect to an XMPP-server located in Sweden (which I´m i full control of).
    But, it´s not possible here in Sweden either. Sad.

  3. @lopesnotes:
    you just need to switch your iTunes account to USA, then you can install it w/o problems.

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