iOS 3.3 is available in the App Store.  Mac 2.3 is almost complete.  The last major change was muting to match iOS. You can now either use the key binding, menu or right click context menu to mute. 

6 thoughts on “iOS Release and Mac mute”

  1. Monal won’t stay active when in the background on iOS 12. Is there a setting or method to keep it active for more than a few minutes? I have notifications turned on and all the proper settings appear to be on in the app. I use this for 7-8 hours a day and if it’s not on my screen it seems to disconnect after a short time. Another chat app I use does not have this issue (but the app itself is much less stable).

  2. I don’t think Openfire (the chat server we use) has support for it. Any opensource XMPP server you recommend that does?

  3. We’ve also noticed if we create a new account and try to turn off validate certificate it turns it back on no matter what for a new account. The account I already had in the program before the altest upgrade has it disabled and works.

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