It seems almost everyone who uses Monal is now at least on iOS8. I am ending support for older OS versions now.   This will allow development to focus only on the newest APIs and should greatly improve user experience/stability.

4 thoughts on “EOL for iOS6 and 7”

  1. I can understand the EOL for iOS6 but the iphone 4 can only go up to iOS7 (does not support iOS 8 or 9). So it would be nice to keep some support for people who still have the iphone 4.

    1. Technically while iOS7 ad 6 look different they are very close API wise. 8 and 7 look the same but there is a pretty big API change. As it’s really just me maintaining the code, it is a lot easier if I can target and test on a smaller set of devices and iOS versions. Supporting ios7 still limits the amount of very useful changes from iOS8/9 that I want to support.

  2. i think this is a good move in going forward.
    I also still use an iphone4 ios7 (shoulda stayed on 6 lol) – kinda hope for some backward compatibility here. (Perhaps its time for an iphone 5)
    My ipad will love this move.;)

    Aaaanywaay, Monal is moving forward! Whoop whoop!:)

    Thnx for all.


  3. Could we do a branch? Keep the last working version of monal that supports IOS7 on itunes and list it as end of life (no more updates) and create a new monal app (maybe call it Monal IM 2). That way people with a iphone4 can still use monal.

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