This a simple project to create a fast, native interface to for iOS devices. I made this and have made it free because I  like beer and use beer advocate heavily.

At the moment there is no iPad version since the site shows up perfectly fine on iPads. I also use the app more when  I am out at bars and want to check the score of a beer before I order.

It allows you to save favorite and keeps track of beers viewed in the last month.

iOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 7.40.00 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 10.24.58 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 10.26.29 PMiOS Simulator Screen shot Dec 11, 2012 10.26.15 PM

3 thoughts on “Ales & Lagers for iOS”

  1. I am looking forward to this app. Please keep us updated on it’s release.

    What town are you in? Are there a lot of good beer bars there? Here in Dallas, there is a bit of a craft beer renaissance happening. There was another in the mid nineties, but it died off and then the tech crash, 911, the war etc. It has been a tough 20 years for beer, but the golden age is happening again…

    1. I live in Boston. We have a pretty vibrant craft beer scene here. I think having Sam Adams (which isn’t really small anymore) based here helps a lot. In addition to the local craft beer scene, certain bars like publick house have fresh shipments of beer from across the atlantic every week. It makes it so that I can go to a local bar and have on tap a seasonal beer I had when I was in Europe.

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