iOS Beta: OMEMO and Push

There is a new iOS beta with the current OMEMO code and UI enabled. I am still testing this and there are more UI elements that need to be added/adjusted. Please let me know how it works for you.

I have also worked on push support. I am moving towards improved push reliability at the expense of older servers that do not support it. This is largely a desire on my part to remove stale code and reduce complexity. Push has seen sufficient adoption that I believe this should not be a problem for most people.

OMEMO Updates

As you may have noticed, I’ve bounced over to do more OMEMO work. I’ve been improving the UI and UX (mostly on iOS at the moment) as well as testing it with Conversations (and legacy) on my old HP touchpad. I have released a new Mac beta with a lot of OMEMO fixes under the hood. To the end user, things should just work, conversations should sync between devices and it should remember that a conversation should be encrypted now. I hope to work on the OSX UI some more this week and bring it up to parity with the iOS one. Let me know how this build works for you.