Login Errors

One of the most frustrating things in the past has been trying to figure out why Monal won’t log in.  I have made an effort to surface these errors on the account screen with a small notification on the status bar.    I am passing over any error info I Continue Reading

Storyboards and Google

I’m currently working on a feature branch that will  be merged into develop when complete.  If you are curious to see whats going on look here: https://github.com/anurodhp/Monal/tree/ios11-iPhoneX The storyboard board migration is almost complete and with that side by side multi tasking. For iPad users, this should be a major Continue Reading

I’m back

I’m sure you have noticed that there hasn’t been an update to Monal in almost a year. I’ve been incredibly busy and haven’t had the free time to work on this project.  Development has restarted again and  I hope to put out an update soon.  There are certain things that Continue Reading