One of the goals of the current OS X project is to modernize xmpp support on OS X.  The other is to have a modern app, one that embraces new OS X features as they come out.  I have continuity working between OS X and iOS clients.  Starting work on one screen and moving to another is a nice feature that is super convenient and it us unfortunate that more apps other than apple first party don’t support it.

Monal OSX Beta 2

Monal OSX Beta 2 is out. This includes a few UI fixes that annoyed me in the last version. I have also included sparkle for auto updating in these betas so in theory updates should be pushed out on their own going forward.


As usual, If there are any bugs or feature requests please enter them in the tracker.

Monal OSX 1.0 Build 1

The very first build of Monal for OSX.  This is version 1 build 1. Almost everything works. Searching contacts does not and adding new contacts doesn’t. I’m sure there are many other UI elements I have forgotten. However, I think it is at a point where people can beta test it. I will be monitoring crash logs as they come in. I’m sure there will be plenty. I’ve never distributed Mac apps after gatekeeper was introduced. This is a proper signed application  so anyone should be able to install it.  Let me know if there are any issues.


If there are any bugs or feature requests please enter them in the tracker.

Monal 2.7 for OSX

Back in February, I toyed around with compiling Monal for OS X. It was an interesting experiment.  It did get me thinking about how well I have or haven’t made my app and whether I could release a Mac app with a proper native UI.   Today I  got a minimally viable OS X client to work — some thing I started long ago and then dropped.  Monal 2.7 onwards will be on the Mac too.   Today, I personally have switched from Adium to Monal.  My first new IM client since 2004.

As you can see below, I decided to go with the iMessage route rather than Adium as I felt it was more modern.  Since this is a modern XMPP client, this will also be the first OS X client to support Carbons and stream resumption. It also has some UI features that I missed in Adium like replying from notification bubbles.  I am also planning on adding Handoff with the iOS client, because why not?  I plan on making this a free  app in the Mac app store when it is ready.  After I complete  the addition of a few more features, I will probably put a zip file up for people to try out.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 11.56.22 PM

Amusingly enough Chameleon, the library I used to get it to run on OS X in February  is what Microsoft is using now as their compatibility layer 


I’ve been incredibly busy with real life as of late and that means I haven’t been able to work on Monal. I am scheduling some time in the coming days to fix a bunch of crashing issues and release an update with all the fixes to date.

To make matters worse, my time was wasted by a stupid wordpress hack on this site that I had to address immediately.   Things will be coming back on line slowly.