Apple has changed from SSL to TLS

A day or two ago, Apple silently  forced TLS only on, which is used by developers  to test push notification systems. The production system has not changed (yet).  I suspect this was a reaction to the heart bleed bug.  While they have said that none of their services were impacted it seems curious that this would happen at the same time.

If you are experiencing push issues on the sandbox (particularly disconnects), make sure you are using TLS.  You can verify that your push certs are working ok with APNS pusher ( ).

Push sharp users should  update.

Doing special things in iOS

Monal is unique on iOS because it is able to fully multi task without using  any private APIs. However, I stumbled upon this after setting up the iOS openVPN client and was amazed at how it worked.  It actually hooks into the native VPN interface using Apple authorized private APIs.  If you are an iOS developer, this is an absolutely fascinating read. I didn’t know this was even possible!